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Delivering Complete Compliance for a Major Manufacturer

Delivering Complete Compliance for a Major Manufacturer

Feb 20 2013

Provides visibility into hundreds of links with minimal number of network analysis tools.

Tracking and Recording

A World-leading manufacturer wants to be able to track and record all traffic to/from a financial server. It also wants to log data related to any information sent out from specific critical client desktop computers.

Datacom Systems delivered a complete solution. First, the solution passively taps the connection between the router and
the financial server. This passive tapping ensures that no traffic is lost or interrupted between these devices.

Second, a copy of the traffic is sent to the forensics server. This allows the forensics server to store all traffic going to and from the financial server. This information can be recalled for Auditing or Regulatory Compliance requirements.

Next, the connection between the outbound firewall and router is tapped. Passive tapping does not affect the traffic to or from the router.
A copy of the traffic on that link is created, an ingress filter is applied to look at traffic to/from specific critical client desktop computers. The filter can be based on the devices IP address(s), MAC address(es), Port Range(s) or other packet information. This line rate hardware based filter then forwards only traffic that meet the filtered criteria to the forensics server.

The Datacom solution gives users the ability to route selected traffic to forensics devices. The amount of stored information is increased
because only interesting traffic is sent. Auditors have a repository that they can use to quickly and easily review traffic destined to the financial server.

IT administrators have the ability to track all inbound or outbound connectivity from a specific device.